Basic pricing principles

Our basic principles are to work on a time and material basis and to be transparent through the whole process, from quotation and deadline negotiation to the invoicing of our services. However, the end price depends on many factors, therefore we always prepare individual offers in which we apply our current price lists. Quotations are always free of charge and do not represent an obligation for placing an order. We are ready at any time to sign individual NDAs.


Translation prices are typically based on the number of words in the source document. As we work with translation tools using Translation Memory technology, TM matches and internal repetitions can be taken into account. Translation Memory content is supplied to our customers upon request.

Software localization

Software localization prices are typically based on the number of source words for the translation part and on engineering hours on for the technical part. The software translation pricing method is similar to regular translation. As different text types require different translation approaches, word prices are calculated differently for user interface texts and for online help and documentation texts.

SAP translation

The pricing model for SAP translation depends on many factors, such as the basis release of the system or the tool used for translation. Using apps4trans, it is possible to calculate the source word count accurately. Using SE63, the basis can be either newly created translation lines or hours.

SAP consultancy

SAP language consultancy prices are calculated on an hourly basis or on a monthly fee basis for Enterprise Language Management Service customers.


Interpretation prices are calculated typically on an hourly basis. Prices depend on the type of interpretation (consecutive, synchronous or whispered).
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