Translation Memory Builder (TMB)

What is Translation Memory Builder (TMB)?

Translation Memory BuilderTranslation Memory Builder is an Add-On which enables SAP users to create external Translation Memories in TMX format out of objects already translated in the system. As TMX (Translation Memory Exchange) is a format supported by mostly all translation tools (such as SDL Trados), TMB allows to refer to and reuse system content for translation of complementary documents such as:

  • training materials,
  • end-user documentation,
  • on-line help,
  • business blueprints.

The common challenge in translating such documents is that all referrals to system interface elements (such as menu paths, buttons or field labels) have to be translated the same way as they appear on the interface. Otherwise the reader would not find the information or would not be able to follow the instructions. TMB was designed to support this translation process.

Who can benefit from the Translation Memory Builder tool (TMB)?

Anyone who has to create complementary documents to SAP system content:

  • SAP customers who have to translate training materials or end-user guides to their custom developments
  • SAP development and consulting partners who have to create training material, on-line help, end-user documentation or business blueprints for their Add-On products

What are the benefits of Translation Memory Builder (TMB)?

Reduced costs

  • Searching for system interface references takes less time
  • System content can be reused for documentation translation

Improved Quality

  • Easy and exact determination of user interface elements
  • More consistency with the terminology used in the system
  • Better translations through concordance search for system content