SAP system translation

What is the SAP system translation service?

One of the main advantages of SAP systems is the multilingual environment enabling SAP customers to conduct global business. SAP systems are delivered in more than 35 languages. However, there is always some system content which is not included in the standard SAP system and needs to be translated in case of a global roll-out:

  • Custom developments,
  • Customizing content,
  • Master data,
  • Add-Ons.

SAP system translation services provided by MorphoLogic Translation Services cover all tasks required for the translation of these content types into all SAP languages, including end-to-end project management.

Who can benefit from our SAP system translation services?

  • SAP customers performing global roll-outs,
  • SAP software developers wanting to extend the language portfolio for their Add-Ons,
  • SAP consulting partners and integrators involved in global roll-out projects.

Why MorphoLogic Translation Services?

Can you imagine that someone who has never worked in an SAP system before can provide good translation quality for system content? Someone who has problems logging in and does not know what a transaction is? Someone who does not know what a Data element or a SmartForm is?
We cannot.
Therefore, we work only with native speaking translators and translation partners with SAP translation experience. As an SAP PartnerEdge partner for SAP Language Services, with millions of translated lines we have the special experience to manage system translation projects of all sizes and for all target languages.