Proposal Pool Builder (PPB)

What is Proposal Pool Builder (PPB)?

Proposal Pool BuilderProposal Pool Builder is an Add-On supporting the re-use of existing translations in SAP systems. PPB enables SAP users to create Proposal Pool entries automatically, based on system objects already translated. The Proposal Pool itself is a kind of Translation Memory used by the SAP system. It speeds up the translation process by distributing existing proposals for new strings automatically, or by offering existing matches for new strings during the manual translation process. The Proposal Pool also supports change management through development cycles or release upgrades. The Proposal Pool is normally built up by the translators along the translation process.

Who can benefit from the Proposal Pool Builder tool (PPB)?

Anyone who wants to run SAP system translation projects and has objects in the system that have already been translated:

  • SAP customers having content for their custom developments, customizing entries or master data that has already been translated
  • SAP development partners having content for their Add-On products that has already been translated

What are the benefits of the Proposal Pool Builder tool (PPB)?

The most typical scenario where PPB can be used is when translation was performed during the development and customizing phase by developers and consultants who did not maintain the Proposal Pool during translation.

Reduced costs

  • Proposal Pool entries can be automatically distributed for new strings
  • Proposal Pool entries can be simply copied during manual translation

Improved quality

  • More consistency and efficiency through proposed translations
  • The Proposal Pool allows tracking changes and modifications automatically