Object Translation Manager (OTM)

What is Object Translation Manager (OTM)?

Object Translation ManagerObject Translation Manager (OTM) is an Add-On which enables SAP users to create translation packages from system object content in CSV or XLIFF format. XLIFF (XML Localization Interchange File Format) is an industry-standard format for software localization which is supported by nearly all translation tools such as SDL Trados, Across, memoQ, RC-WinTrans or Catalyst. The selection base for the translation can be an individual object, a transport request, development classes or an SE63 translation work list. The translation of the packages can be performed externally, i.e. outside the system, supported by all features of a modern translation tool: Translation Memory (TM) technology, terminology support and quality assurance functions. Once the translation is completed, the CSV or XLIFF files can be imported into the system and translations are written into the objects.

Who can benefit from the usage of Object Translation Manager (OTM)?

Anyone who wants to run SAP system translation projects:

  • SAP customers who have to translate custom developments, customizing content, Smart Forms, Adobe Forms or master data in the frame of a global roll-out project.
  • SAP development partners who would like to extend the market for their Add-On products by adding new languages to their standard delivery.

What are the benefits of Object Translation Manager (OTM)?

Improved Scoping

  • Volumes are calculated with internal repetitions and Translation Memory matches
  • Price calculation based on source text possible

Reduced costs

  • No system users needed: no administration effort, no system access and no additional user license is required
  • Lower word price for repetitions and Translation Memory matches

Improved Quality

  • Terminology tools
  • QA tools such as spellchecker
  • Concordance search
  • Proofreading before uploading

Object Translation Manager
Short text translation with OTM

Object Translation Manager
Long text translation with OTM