SE63 setup

What is the SE63 setup service about?

Our SE63 setup service enables our customers to benefit from the functions of the built-in translation environment of the SAP system. The service includes initial configuration of the translation environment and one initial evaluation run for each target language. The results are translation statistics and worklists, which can be used for scoping and for translating objects into different languages within the SE63 environment.

Who can benefit from SE63 setup?

We recommend this service to SAP customers and software developers who want to benefit from the features of the SE63 translation environment and who have static translation volumes (e.g. development is closed, or no further maintenance is planned).

What are the benefits of the SE63 setup service?

Our SE63 setup service enables customers to

  • use translation statistics,
  • duse worklists for translation into different languages,
  • record translations into transport requests for delivering them into other systems,
  • reuse translations by using the Proposal Pool (a feature of the SE 63 enviroment),
  • perform automatic distribution.