Website translation

Companies with a multilingual web estate have an evident competitive advantage in sales of products and services. Multilingual websites play a major role in today’s global economy. Our services related to building and maintaining multilingual websites include solutions for both linguistic and technical issues.


The challenge in the translation of multilingual content, besides achieving high linguistic quality, lies in the adaptation of content to local requirements, which can be both cultural and market-driven.

Technical support

If you are not using a Content Management System (CMS), we can help you in choosing a suitable system as well as in its technical deployment. If you are already using a CMS, we will help you defining the optimal processes for developing and maintaining multilingual content.

Maintenance and versioning

We use professional translation tools with Translation Memory support in order to ensure consistency and efficiency throughout the translation process. After the initial translation, changes can be identified with the help of these, eliminating the need for retranslating content already existing in different languages.

Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an essential activity during the deployment of multilingual websites. More than 50% of searches on the Web are submitted in a language other than English. Well-structured content, consistent usage of key terms and adequate technical support are significant milestones on the road to success.